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  • Client

    Audes Loudspeakers

  • Services

    UI&UX design, Graphic Design, Programming, 3D models, Css&HTML, Wordpress

  • Launch project

Details of the project

We were a partner for Audes LLC ( loudspeaker factory )who upgraded their existing web UI/UX design, 3D models and programming.

Audes, in case you haven’t heard, is an Estonian company that has been in the audio business for many years (1938). In addition to loudspeakers, the company produces individual drivers, amplifiers, and transformers. For perspective, the Excellence line sits right below the Orpheus reference loudspeaker, and the Excellence 5 sits at the top of that line, followed by three smaller siblings, and there’s also a center-channel speaker. So there’s a full slate of Excellence available for your consumption.


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