Graphic design is a crucial part of successful communication. Images, colors, styles, and fonts all add up to express your ideas as accurately as possible, simultaneously catching the viewer’s attention and inducing emotion. We are truly inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian minimalistic approach in design!

To us, graphic design has never just been about making things look pretty. We always think about the consumers first, trying to put ourselves in their shoes. Will this look well in accordance with the brand’s image? Will this make people feel happy or sad? What is important for the consumer?

While generally left to the User Experience designers, the aforementioned questions are central for anyone in the design department. While our team is proud to have some fantastic UX and UI designers, we believe that customer-central thinking should be employed in every step.

That being said, we are on a constant lookout for UX and UI insights, trends, and behavioral research. We pride ourselves in our expertise, and while 20 years of it says a lot, we also focus on keeping the knowledge fresh and up to date!