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Sharing Insights on Website Development Trends at Ida-Viru Entrepreneurship Center’s Digital Promotion Training

Ida-Viru Ettevõtluskeskus asked the CEO of Voolar Creative to talk about today’s website design trend. Here is a summary and English translation of the article on

Podkast is in Russian.

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The article is from the Ida-Viru Entrepreneurship Center (IVEK) website and discusses a digital promotion training session that recently took place. The session focused on the latest trends in website development. The article highlights that more than 80% of companies in Ida-Virumaa do not have a registered website, despite it being a crucial element of promotion. Trends can help a company stand out among competitors and increase market share when interacting with the target audience.

The guest expert for this session was Arvo Juhkov, an entrepreneur and the head of the creative agency The agency specializes in developing brand graphics and turnkey online projects using modern approaches, strategic thinking, and conceptual solutions.

The Voolar team consists of professionals from around the world, including strategists, designers, programmers, and copywriters. They help create high-tech and effective solutions for commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Arvo shared his experience and the latest market trends in creating web pages. He emphasized that trends emerge for various reasons, such as technological development, cultural features, generational change, media influence, and iconization by major brands. However, he stressed that each company is unique and should adhere to its style and values. Any trend requires additional resources, and many trends are short-term, so it’s essential to weigh and assess readiness to invest resources in the future.

The session also covered the role of a website for an organization, legislative issues, reputation dependency when choosing a domain name, how to approach platform selection for development, effective communication, the role of social networks, and more. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions on topics of interest.

The Ida-Viru Entrepreneurship Center thanked Arvo for his participation and informative conversation. They believe the information received by entrepreneurs during the meeting will be useful and provide a new impetus for the development of internal projects. If necessary, entrepreneurs can always turn to the Ida-Viru Entrepreneurship Center for a free consultation with a digital promotion specialist.

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