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    Branding, Graphic Design, Product design, Web design, UX&UI Design, WooCommerce

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Details of the project

FACTORY.SALE is an all-in-one platform that gives you best deals on the market.
They offer both high-quality construction products, AND flawless installation services to go with them.
So, whether you need to renovate your home, office, or ANY form of building, they’ve got you covered.

What’s more, while most construction companies operate through a third-party middleman, they deliver DIRECTLY from factory to architects, builders, constructors and homeowners all over Scandinavia and The Baltics!

We did all the work related to branding, graphic advertising materials and creating an e-store system. The project is just at the beginning and is constantly evolving over time. This is how our cooperation continues and is supplemented with various works and services.

During the creation of the project, it was decided to create a subpage for, where sandwich panels and other construction goods could be sold on a project basis. A separate branding and website were also created for this project.


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