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    Branding, UI UX design, Graphic design, Website

Project details

OÜ Teemu-E, a wholesaler of construction fasteners, has been available to its customers since 1993. During this time, the company’s assortment has grown steadily. Currently, Teemu-E offers a wide range of nuts, screws, bolts, dowels, threaded rods, fastening systems for wooden structures, anchors, fence posts, etc. over 10,000 different fasteners.

The goal of Teemu-E has not been to grow into a large company, but rather to develop at a steady pace and flexibly, following the interests of customers. The share of exports in the company’s turnover has grown year by year, a large part is in the Finnish market.

In order to better fulfill these goals, we made a new branding and website design for Teemu.
We organized photography of many products and designed the product boxes.

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