Some might call developing a homepage an art. Others will call it science. We think it is a mixture of both! You need to know how things work, but you also have to put the right amount of heart and emotion to have that desired result.

First impressions of the customers are crucial. No matter how many times we are told not to judge a book by its cover, we still do, all of us. And by us, we mean humans – because that’s how we’re designed. So, therefore, developing that perfect homepage is so important in web development. It can make or break your brand’s image, either encouraging your visitors to stay or driving them away elsewhere.

Your homepage has to be informative, but it cannot be overloaded. It has to have your brand’s visual attributes and a catchy headline. It must call to action and – oh how importantly – be easy to navigate. And no, that’s not everything, but we’re sensing you are getting bored. We, however, find it exciting!

You don’t need to know it all, because we already do! We know the best and the worst practices as well as unconventional methods. We are in constant search for better and simpler – and are ready to share our findings with you.