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Why “Educating the Market” Is Not the Best Marketing Strategy

As a marketing consultant, I have seen and listened to marketing professionals. But there is one phrase that makes me think every time I hear it.

“We should educate the market”.

When someone says this in a meeting or suggests it to a marketer, you should be wary.

The truth is that you can’t educate people or customers to understand that they need your product. If they don’t have a need for your product at a given moment, they won’t notice or buy it. Instead of educating, you should focus on activities that support the services people already know and need.

Take for example children who use smart devices. You don’t need to educate them – the product is intuitive and meets their needs. In the same way, you should consider what your customers already believe they need and find a way to meet that need.

If you ever catch yourself thinking that you need to ‘educate’ the market, ask yourself what can I do to move the customer’s mind in the direction of what they need, and how can you deliver it.

Believe me, it can be as simple as positioning your product correctly and targeting your customers with the right messages with their needs in mind.